My name is Shirley and you have found your way to my personal page! I am working for a non-profit organisation aiming at closing the gender gap in STEM, and also doing a PhD in this topic. As you can probably already tell, this page is a work in progress. So look around but also feel free to visit this page again in a while.

Stereotyping in Computer Science

The first study within my PhD research focuses on identifying the stereotypes children might hold towards programmers. In a study with over 500 children, we found stereotypes towards programmers' gender, interests and social preferences. More on the paper can be found here.

Programming in primary education

In collaboration with TechYourFuture and Windesheim, we looked at what the current state is of programming within primary education. With the help of many (field) experts, we have created an online platform where knowledge on this topic is gathered. We also shared our knowledge via webinars.